Afore sura, s.a. de c.v.
  • razonocial
  • Type, Administration of pension funds and independent insurance
  • employed personnel, 51 100 people
  • Street, Lazaro Cardenas
  • Neighborhood, Independence
  • Mall, Center or shopping plaza
  • industrial corridor, Plaza de los leones
  • key entity i, 2
  • County, Mexicali
  • entrecalle
    Calle: Río elota
    Calle: Río quelite
    Avenida: Alejandro cital mendoza
  • house number: 1139
    house letter i: Sn
    numero local i: 1
    postcode: 21290
    state: Baja california
    clave municipio: 002
    localidad: 0001
    city: Mexicali
    phone: 6865641630
    establecimiento: Fixed
    country code: mx
    country: Mexico

Afore sura, s.a. de c.v.