Zevenbergschen Hoek
  • is in, NL
  • is in:continent, Europe
  • is in:country, The Netherlands
  • is in:country code, NL
  • is in:province, North Brabant
  • name:carnaval, Snerkersdurp
  • Plaats, village
  • population, 1000
  • Bron, AND
  • Buitenwijk, Zevenbergschen Hoek
  • house number: 2
    road: Driehoefijzersstraat
    residential: Zevenbergschen Hoek
    village: Moerdijk
    state: Noord-Brabant
    postcode: 4765BG
    country: Nederland
    country code: nl
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Zevenbergschen Hoek